Save Money By Making Coffee at Home

Are you tired of spending $4 or $5 each time you want to have a cup of coffee? You may feel as though it is worth it as you get your daily dose of caffeine. But you are someone who loves coffee so you do not mind paying that money. But what you have to understand is that you do not need to be paying so much. Yes, you may feel as though you are getting a decent deal as it is very good coffee. But we still feel as though you could save some money if you were to make your cups at home!

When we tell people about making coffee at home, they assume we are talking about the cheap coffee machines you can buy. That is not what we are talking about. Say you love espresso and you like to drink lattes. You may think that you can only get those if you are going to a coffee shop. But that is not true. If you were to buy an espresso machine like the delonghi esam3300, you could be enjoying those delicious cups anytime you wanted. All you need is the Delonghi esam3300.

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The issue that comes up with espresso is that a lot of people see those prices and they get scared. They do not want to pay that much money for coffee. But what you have to understand is that even if you are spending $1000 on an espresso machine, it is going to last you for many years. Now think about how much you spend on coffee when you are buying it from shops. Even if you get a cup a day, you are spending way more on coffee in a given year than you would if you were to get an espresso machine.

Yes, you still have to buy the beans. But if you are making coffee using an at home machine, you are not even spending a $1 per cup on the beans. And when you factor in the savings that you are making on the usual $5 a cup drinks that you get from coffee shops, you can see why so many people go ahead and spend their money on espresso machines.