Cleaning Services Rules & Regulations

Is it not nice to know that you have all your bases covered in whichever enterprise you have invested your time and money in? It should not be any different when it comes to professional puhastusteenused. You need not fret nor take anything for granted. Because there is one thing you can be certain of, professional puhastusteenused is governed by a concrete set of rules and regulations that cleaning, professional cleaning staff at that, are adhering to.

By way of a good example, indicative of typically high European standards of excellence, let the remainder of this informational article on professional cleaning services run through some of those rules and regulations with you. You will find that these regulations are not cast in stone in terms of laid down Union or country by country laws, but rather through the initiative of the given company. This is typically European, one might add. No heavy furniture such as fridges, double beds and large living room sofas will be lifted.


The inner tube of a toilet bowl will not be washed in a non-visible place. There should be no dripping water for the duration of the cleaning operation. Professional cleaning staff will not wash the inner part of the toilet bowl or loo. Could this have something to do with maintaining health standards and avoiding all hazards of contamination? Laces will not be washed. Nor will ventilation openings in lower levels of the kitchen be washed. It would be a silly thing really should this happen, but no cleaner in their right mind will be washing windows whilst it is still raining.

Oh, enough of rules and regulations, if you please, because this short note has merely touched the tip of the iceberg in a spic ‘n span manner.